Order Cow Chip Cookies

The Right Size Of Yummy!

Cow Chips are made from the finest, freshest ingredients straight from the farm.

Christmas Box

20 Calf sized cookies
(2 oz. Each)  $54

Bull Chip Gift Box

6 Bull Chip cookies
(9 oz. Each)  $64

Bucket of Cows
8 Cow Chip Cookies
(4 oz. Each)  $50

Custom 20 Calf Chip Cookie Box

You choose the mix.
(2 oz. Each)  $54

Cow Chip Gift Box
15 Cow Sized Cookies
(4 oz Each) $79

The Stray Bucket (Gluten Free)
6 Stray Chips in a bucket. Gluten Free!
(4 oz. Each) $54

Multi-Size Box
6 Cow Chips and 18 Calf chips.
You choose the mix.
(4 oz./2 oz Each) $79