Order Cow Chip Cookies

The Right Size Of Yummy!

Cow Chips are made from the finest, freshest ingredients straight from the farm.

The Sweetheart
3  Original Cow Chips
(4 oz. Each)  $22

Bull Chip Gift Box

6 Bull Chip cookies
(9 oz. Each)  $64

Bucket of Cows
8 Cow Chip Cookies
(4 oz. Each)  $50

Custom 20 Calf Chip Cookie Box

You choose the mix.
(2 oz. Each)  $54

Design Your Own Box
30 Calf sized cookies
(2 oz. Each)  $79

The Stray Chip Gift Box (Gluten Free)
3 of our Stray Chips. Gluten Free!
(4 oz. Each) $24

Small Cow Gift Box
4 Original Cow Chips.
(4 oz. Each) $24

Cow Chip Gift Box
15 Cow Sized Cookies
(4 oz Each) $79

The Stray Bucket (Gluten Free)
6 Stray Chips in a bucket. Gluten Free!
(4 oz. Each) $54

Multi-Size Box
6 Cow Chips and 18 Calf chips.
You choose the mix.
(4 oz./2 oz Each) $79