Gift Box Mailing

The Right Size Of Yummy!

Cow Chips are made from the finest, freshest ingredients straight from the farm.

If you’re close to any of our stores and would like delivery check us out on Postmates.

Christmas Box

20 Calf Sized Cookies
(2 oz. Each)  $46

Bull Chip Gift Box

6 Bull Chip cookies
(9 oz. Each)  $54

The Herd
45 Calf sized cookies
(2 oz. Each)  $94

Bucket of Cows

8 Cow Chip Cookies
(4 oz. Each)  $44

Cow Chip Gift Box
15 Cow Sized Cookies
(4 oz Each) $64

Multi-Size Box
6 Cow Chips and 18 Calf chips.
You pick the flavors.
(4 oz./2 oz Each) $64

The Sweetheart

3  Original Cow Chips
(4 oz. Each)  $17

Design Your Own Box
30 Calf sized cookies
(2 oz. Each)  $64

The Stray Chip Gift Box (Gluten Free)
3 of our Stray Chips. Gluten Free!
(4 oz. Each) $22

The Stray Bucket (Gluten Free)
6 Stray Chips in a bucket. Gluten Free!
(4 oz. Each) $42

Small Cow Gift Box
3 of the Original Cow Chips
are packaged in our gorgeous
chocolate brown mailer.
(4 oz. Each) $16